Colisée      4m

Capitol and Colisée A concept of 2 graphic designs: small bursts of light for Capitol, in 24 contemporary colours, to be combined with the large stripes of Colisée in 12 coordinated shades.

Broadloom carpet blue Colisée 191 NOCTURNE
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4m L23.67 ρ4

Broadloom carpet yellow Colisée 311 ROTIN
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4m L58.97 ρ27

Broadloom carpet orange Colisée 461 ROUILLE
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4m L38.73 ρ10.5

Broadloom carpet pink-red Colisée 551 OPÉRA
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4m L35 ρ8.5

Broadloom carpet pink-red Colisée 581 RUBIS
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4m L28.38 ρ5.6

Broadloom carpet pink-red Colisée 591 ACAJOU
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4m L60.25 ρ28.4

Broadloom carpet beige Colisée 611 MUSC
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611 MUSC

4m L55.48 ρ23.4

Broadloom carpet beige Colisée 621 SAND
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621 SAND

4m L60.6 ρ28.8

Broadloom carpet beige Colisée 631 FAUVE
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4m L50.33 ρ18.7

Broadloom carpet brown Colisée 771 TECK
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771 TECK

4m L35.6 ρ8.8

Broadloom carpet brown Colisée 791 CAFÉ
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791 CAFÉ

4m L26.16 ρ4.8

Broadloom carpet purple Colisée 891 AUBERGINE
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4m L29.91 ρ6.2

Broadloom carpet grey-black Colisée 921 NUAGE
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4m L52.73 ρ20.8

Broadloom carpet grey-black Colisée 951 FER
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951 FER

4m L41.69 ρ12.3

Broadloom carpet grey-black Colisée 981 TORNADE
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4m L31.81 ρ7

Broadloom carpet grey-black Colisée 991 JAIS
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991 JAIS

4m L22.3 ρ3.6

In spite of the care we have taken in designing our colour ranges and in optimising the documents available on the Balsan website, the colours displayed on the screen may present slight differences compared with the textile colours. Hence Balsan offers you the possibility of ordering material samples so that you can be sure of your choice.

Technical details

Structure Designed cut pile

Pile material 100% Polyamid

Backing Action back

Pile weight 950 g/m²

Total weight 1945 g/m²

Total thickness 7.3 mm

Pile height 5.2 mm

Gauge 1/10

Rows in stiches 49

Tufts per sqm 193550

Sound absorption ΔLw 26 dB

Soundproofing for airborne noise αω 0.20

Antistatic material yes

Thermal resistance 0.17 m² C°/W

Colors 16

Wear Classifications

Fire CflS1


EN1307 33, LC3

Prodis EC8EF08F

GUT 24833

AgBB Z 156 601 591


Balsan manufactures carpets for offices or homes and sells made-to-measure carpets and environmentally sound (HQE) carpets in a wide range of colours. Carpet
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