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Easy Living spirit

Textile carpets made with new-generation fibres. Easy to maintain and clean, these carpets enjoy optimum protection against dust mites and bacteria with Balsan’s SilverCare®. They are also certified sustainable, as they are made from 100% recycled fibres, and enjoy an Optimum grade environmental ranking. There are two products in this collection: 
- LUXE: Elegance and simplicity characterise this carpet in 100% dyed Econyl nylon, 1500g, available in a range of 12 sophisticated colours.
- SÉRÉNITÉ: Rest and relaxation characterise this curled Saxony carpet in 100% dyed Econyl nylon, 1100g, available in a range of 20 subtle shades that allow a greater freedom of expression. Learn more...


Landscape - Canyon/Groove/Rift

Landscape: on the lookout for new lands…
A new world of flooring for a unique appearance. This exclusive collection of 100% polyamide carpet tiles in three textural effects, inspired by different minerals, is ideal for livening up important spaces. It is available in a range of 18 natural, graduated shades (warm and cold greys, mastic beiges, sand, teak brown), brightened by vivid colours (firefly green, Klein blue, theatre red). Ideal for creating atmospheres full of character.
- Rift: an all-over, delicately-rendered design, inspired by embossed, weather-beaten concrete.
- Canyon: a multidirectional design with an irregular weft effect in a mineral appearance.
- Groove: an irregular design pattern. Each tile includes more or less intense effects.
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The Bolero plain tiles: fluidity of place and space.
Balsan is reinventing carpets by giving them a new function: guiding the steps of those that tread on them. Indeed, putting these tiles together creatively is especially recommended, to organise foot traffic flows or mark out signs.
Please note that the Landscape and Bolero collections are also available on request with a recycled felt underlay, Sonic Comfort, for an optimum acoustic solution.
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The Metropolitan Collection: urban influences and city spirit.
Metropolitan draws its inspiration from urban landscapes. It includes several products that can be combined together:
- Avenue, a 100% dyed nylon textile tile of fine, tightly woven loops, available in a range of urban colours that draw inspiration from concrete and stone, and that play on the contrasts between light and shade.
- District, a tile that plays more on structure and relief, in two tones in the same desaturated shades.
- Park, Track & Block: designs incorporating motifs of city outlines and landmarks: a geometric alignment of parks, combined with building façades, and the relief of railway lines.
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Duo 2: conquering space.
This collection evades the boundaries with the walls amongst which it takes pride of place. It is partially inspired by the urban space, revisiting its maps and outlines. The carpet becomes a playful, original design, depicting an aesthetic living space where comfort and creativity come together in harmony.
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Duo 3: a voyage of honour
In the era of mobility and easy journeys, whether real or virtual, a new world is opening up: a voyage through time in search of distant cultures and new modes of expression.
Faced with virtual communication, the manuscript is regaining strength and lace is making its comeback. Duo 3 stresses its roots with the past and draws inspiration from it to revisit its distinguishing features. An open mind, attention to detail and a refined finish, original and highly polished designs give a touch of poetry.
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Balsan manufactures carpets for offices or homes and sells made-to-measure carpets and environmentally sound (HQE) carpets in a wide range of colours. Carpet
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