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A UPEC NF-approved carpet tile means it meets the specifications of the European product standard (NF EN 1307) and the additional requirements of the certification rules (NF 262):

  • The production site is audited every year and it is monitored by CSTB.
  • NF UPEC approval of weighted removable textile tiles applies to top-of-therange products:

- 100% polyamide fibre (very hardwearing)
- minimum threshold of useful pile for best performance and comfort.

This mark testifies to Balsan’s commitment to introducing a quality assurance system covering the entire production line, taking all measures necessary to control the quality of its products and verify their performance (test laboratories etc), maintain the quality of its products over time, provide a simple classification solution for a given usage in clear and precise documentation.

The certifying body’s commitments are as follows:

  • verify and guarantee the product’s compliance with its advertised properties
  • periodically reassess products, more particularly in the light of technical improvements
  • annually audit the production site and take random samples of products for control and monitoring purposes
  • ensure the mark is respected
  • and lastly, mobilize the entire industry to adapt the frames of reference as much as possible to users' concerns.

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Balsan manufactures carpets for offices or homes and sells made-to-measure carpets and environmentally sound (HQE) carpets in a wide range of colours. Carpet
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