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Official approval UPEC and NF UPEC certification tufted carpet

UPEC, NF-UPEC and NF-UPEC.A++ standards are French systems of certification established by the CSTB (French Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) for the classification of floor coverings. With regard to carpets, only polyamide pile products are eligible to receive this certification.
They are based on classification procedures defined under the NF EN 1307 standard, to which they add supplementary requirements. [Cf. Panels 1, 2 and 3]
Moreover, specifications have been set up with regard to manufacturers’ quality assurance, which are checked by means of auditing by the CSTB. The conformity of certified products is checked regularly by means of annual inspections.

This certification is therefore absolutely necessary for Balsan:
• An undertaking to put a quality assurance system in place along the whole of the production line.
• Consistent maintenance of quality over time.
• Periodical re-assessments of the products, which are imposed by the application of technical improvements. This certification allows parties making specifications to identify the products that are most suited to the demands of use in the planned premises, thus allowing them to ensure the permanence of the finished work.

It guarantees:
• That users have chosen a high-quality product, suitable for their requirements and in conformity with the stated values.
• And that they will be taking delivery of a carpet from a homogeneous and tested batch.

Each letter of the classification is accompanied by an index, which indicates the covering’s performance levels. With regard to the following criteria:

  • U. Stands for “Usure“ (wear in French): wear resistance for walking.
  • P. Stands for “Poinçonnement“ (punching in French): falling objects, moving furniture around, chairs on casters.
  • E. Stands for “Eau“ (water in French): behaviour in damp conditions.
  • C. Stands for “Chemistry“: resistance to chemical agents.

    All types of premises also benefit from UPEC classification. [Cf. notebook CSTB no. 3509]. A carpet is suitable for use when its performance level is at least equal to the premises it is to furn.

Examples of room classifications:

  • U2SP2E1CO, individual room without outdoor access, without through passages, inside residential dwellings.
  • U3P3E1CO, covered open space before partitioning, open-plan office without partitions, collective office.
  • U3SP3E1C0, company canteen - cafeteria, dining room.
    The use of adhesives for carpet laying is generally recommended, U3P3E1C0 classed carpets lose their classification if they are laid on underlay.

How does one know is a carpet officially approved?

Balsan is CSTB-approved and the relevant documents can be consulted on request. The list of officially-approved products is available on the CSTB site at: http://evaluation.cstb.fr/certifications-produits-services/

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